At all times there are hundreds of frames in stock. These frames include Designer styles by; Armani; BeBe; Catherine Deneuve; Christian Dior; Kenneth Cole; Fendi; Gant; Guess; Harley Davidson; Tommy Hilfiger; Hush Puppies; L'amy; Locoste: Magic Clip ( great value ); And on and on and on. All these frames sell for up to half off the normal price.
Some of the hottest styles on the market today are the Magnetic clip frames, the Drilled Rimless frames and the Flex-Titanium frames. Many styles of these frames are in stock and they sell for $99 to $129.

For protective sports eyewear, I carry the REC SPECS and the WILEY-X sports and biker eyewear. These are very sporty looking and virtually indestructable. These sell for $99 to $129.

 If you want the " old school " big frames from yesteryear or the last millenium, I've got them. Nobody carries these frame styles anymore.  However, I've got lots of them and I'm practically giving them away.Finally, If you're tired of the only frames available are "made in China". Come check out the frames at Focal Point, I carry many from Japan, France, Italy, and even some "Made in America".  CALL (315) 733-9161 or (315) 794-4907 for an appointment and fitting.


I don't stock any Contact Lenses but call for a price quote. I may be able to save you a little on these also. I recommend,for the health of your eyes, try the new one day lenses. These are worn for one day then thrown out and a new pair is put in the next day. Call, I'll be happy to get you some trial lenses.   


I'm always happy to attempt to repair your eyeglasses whether they came from me or not. However, there is no guarantee the problem is fixable. The replacement of screws and nose pads along with fitting adjustments are all done at NO CHARGE so feel free to call about them.


All complete eyewear packages come with a one year warranty at NO CHARGE. Most optical chains charge for this.( $20 - $40 )